Reading between the Lines: The truth about school libraries in a post-truth society

This post includes content to support my recent teacher professional learning workshop, which I gave as a part of the St Rita’s Remarkable Women conference. You’ve seen the words bandied around in the media: fake news, post-truth, alternative facts…what do they actually mean, and how do we help students (and ourselves) to develop strategies to […]

Supercharge your PLN – Part One

  One of the wonderful things about a personal learning network (PLN) is that it is personal. It is YOUR network, which YOU have designed, in order to meet YOUR needs. A PLN is something that is useful across the board. Regardless of your discipline, whether you are an expert or a beginner, having a […]

Fake news, filter bubbles and frustration

It might just be me, but my Facebook, Twitter  and other social network streams have been chock full of articles about ‘fake news‘ since Trump became President elect of the United States. I”m not sure if everyone is being bombarded by this in the same way, but I am. I know that the topic has […]

Emojis – fad, or fabulous?

I have been meaning to write a blog post on the role of Emojis in communication and literacy for a while, and what better day to write it than on World Emoji Day. Yes, Emojis, those little pictures that animate texts and Facebook posts have an official day to celebrate them, and today is that […]

Flexible Learning – Putting the Stretch Back into Education

Everytime you learn something new, I believe that you are stretching. Stretching your mind to take in a new concept and build connections (neural and otherwise) around it, stretching your body and building muscle memory that enables automaticity and strength. Without the stretch, you aren’t making the connections, and without the connections, learning hasn’t happened. Education […]

Learning- it’s all in the connections

Do you know a person who, completely by themselves, can  build a 747? Everything from the metal shell, the comfy (??) seats, upholstered in company fabric, the plastic tray tables, the tyres for landing, not to mention the complex electronics and massive engines required to run it? Of course not – no one on earth […]