Twitter for Newbies: why get connected?

It’s 2016, and we live in a social media age. Even without realising it, social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter provide us with news and information on a daily basis. Traditional journalism uses it to get the inside scoop on what’s happening, and citizen journalists are capturing the news as it happens. What […]

Keeping track of passwords – KeePass!

Every day it seems like another major site is being hacked. Data from the Linked In hack is still being sold online, and recently MySpace data was shared, proving that those old, forgotten accounts might be just as vulnerable as the ones you use everyday. With huge amounts of our personal data being stored online by ourselves and others, […]

Reflecting on Revolution School

I try to keep my blog pretty light and enjoyable, and I hope that this post is the same. However, by light and enjoyable, I do not mean uninformed. Many of my blog posts are informed by or directly drawn from my doctoral research, and also are based upon almost 20 years as an educator […]

Networks and Webs – inspired by a metaphor

I love reading the work of Jenny Mackness. She is an independent researcher, who blogs about many topics that aligned with areas that are of great interest to me. Her most recent post was called “New Metaphors for Learning“, and it got me thinking about how much we rely on metaphors for understanding, and how […]

A Meme is a powerful thing to waste…

Understanding the potential of the meme… See more on Know Your Meme An internet meme (pronounced meem) is a moving feast. What was cool last week is now so over, and it can seem like a full time job to keep your finger on the pulse. A meme is what everyone is talking about right now. […]