About me

I am a PhD Candidate, completing my research at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia. My thesis investigates how teachers experience professional learning through personal learning networks. My aim is to develop an evidence based framework for PLNs, and to develop a conceptual framework that captures ‘connected educators’. While I am basing my research on teachers’ professional learning, I believe that my research will have implications for the professional learning opportunities of individuals in many different fields, and I am very interested in how we can break down the silos that exist between different professions. I also hope that my research will build foundations for rethinking how we bring connected learning more authentically into the classroom.

Prior to beginning my full time research, I was a librarian and teacher, and have been fortunate to have had many wonderful learning opportunities across a variety of roles, in a variety of contexts. When I’m not working, I love reading, playing with my Jack Russell puppy, Ruby, and cooking. I’d love to travel more and see the world, and eat my way around many different countries and cultures!

What I do

I have been published in professional and research publications.

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I have enjoyed delivering keynotes, workshops and panel sessions nationally and internationally.

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Staying on top of tools and tech is hard work. These guides aim to explain, explore and inspire experimentation.

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