Develop your PLN

There’s a lot of information out there about PLNs, but sometimes you just want a simple guide to get you started.

Here it is. This infographic gives a very brief, four step guide to initiating a PLN. Of course, a PLN is not something that you can develop in an afternoon, but by following the steps in this guide, you can make a start, and you know what they say, a journey of a thousand steps…

There’s a printable PDF version also if you want to post this in your classroom, library or elsewhere (click the link, or the infographic image below).

Below the infographic are links to the other PLN posts I’ve written, so if you want to delve deeper, it’s easy to find them.

Creating and maintaining a PLN can be so rewarding – and don’t forget to add me to your network – I’d love to learn with you!

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