Find your way around Twitter

I’ve been using Twitter since 2009, and it  has been through many changes in that time. Once you get used to the interface, the updates aren’t too bad; they are usually small tweaks that are pretty quick to get used to.

However if you are new to Twitter, it  can seem like a whole new language, and it can be very overwhelming!

But this post is for those people who want to get involved for the very first time. Below you will find some interactive images, that will give you a guide to the entire interface as it exists in August 2019.Scroll beyond the interactive images for further resources if you want to explore Twitter further!

Be aware; it will change again! But once you’ve navigated it the first time, it will be easier every time :). If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. Enjoy Tweeting, and feel free to follow me @KayOddone :).

Getting to know the Twitter Interface

Hover over the Twitter symbols, and small tooltips will pop up, explaining what each symbol or section of the Twitter interface means and can do for you.

Anatomy of a Tweet


Going further with Twitter

I’ve written guides for Twitter Newbies previously and given advice on how to use Twitter Lists to your advantage.

I’ve even explained how to participate or run a Twitter Chat and how to use TweetDeck to get the most out of those chats! So have fun with Twitter, and don’t be overwhelmed; it can open up many new and exciting learning opportunities and connections you have never imagined.