Forget the Kardashians, I’m just trying to keep up with myself :)

Wow the time has flown and right now I am in the midst of preparing for my Confirmation and Articulation to PhD Seminar! I began this blog to chart my research journey, and sadly, I have recently been neglecting my blogging goals terribly!

However,  I have not been sitting on my hands. Aside from preparing my Confirmation document and seminar (which I hope to share parts of here after the event later this month), I have also been working on a number of other jobs.

I was thrilled to present a Webinar for Softlink, exploring Makerspaces ‘Beyond the Buzzword’, and recently worked with the wonderful people at Scootle to publish a blog post of which I am very proud, that presents an argument for why we need to view students as creators, not just consumers.

I have also been involved as a co-facilitator with a fabulous group of educators who are completing the Open Network Learning course online. This has involved regular late night meetings, as we strive to find a time which suits us all to meet using Zoom, fantastic free video conferencing software. Our problem based learning group has members from Sweden, South Africa, Poland, Pakistan and Australia (that’s me!) and so sharing different perspectives and experiences about how to develop pedagogy for an open and networked learning experience has been brilliant. You can see one of the group’s creations by visiting the site we collaborated on to reflect on our learning about Open Education. I focused on Australia, but it is so interesting to see how Open Ed is differently interpreted around the globe.

On top of this I have been tutoring at QUT in the Master of Information Science subject Managing and Organising Collections and marking the Inquiry Learning Assessment for the Master of Education: Teacher Librarianship course. Phew!

Oh, and I found time to review a few fabulous children’s and young adult books for Reading Time :).

So although I haven’t blogged as regularly as I might have liked, I definitely have been learning and sharing, which is just the way I like it. My goal however is to post a little more regularly once Confirmation is done and dusted, so fingers crossed it all goes well, and I look forward to blogging again soon!


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