Open Education in 2018 – Shifting Sands

This post provides a brief summary of my reflections and insights after an asynchronous discussion with the ONL181 cohort about the concepts of open education and sharing openly online. As some of you may know, I have been involved with ONL for several years, and have blogged about my experiences as participant, co-facilitator and now […]

Password like its 1999

So yesterday it was revealed that over a thousand government employees in Western Australia are using Password123, and More than 12,000 accounts had passwords with variations of the date and season, such as October17 or Summer17; 6,827 had “123” somewhere in the password; and over 5,000 had different versions of the word “password”. It is […]

You won’t (can’t) believe your eyes!

In 2018 the term ‘fake news‘ is something we hear every day. Political figures throw it into the conversation everytime they hear something they don’t like, and Facebook and Google fiddle with algorithms to try to convice us that they are working on preventing its spread. What fake news, and its associates, clickbait, astroturfing, alternative […]

Digital Footprints – mine, yours, ours

This week I have begun participating in a MOOC being run by the University of Edinburgh about our digital footprint. As I am deeply entrenched in PhD research regarding personal learning networks (PLN), the concept of a digital footprint is of course extremely interesting to me, because learning through a PLN leaves indelible traces all […]

Keeping track of passwords – KeePass!

Every day it seems like another major site is being hacked. Data from the Linked In hack is still being sold online, and recently MySpace data was shared, proving that those old, forgotten accounts might be just as vulnerable as the ones you use everyday. With huge amounts of our personal data being stored online by ourselves and others, […]