Don’t believe everything you hear…

The horrific events in Manchester that occurred yesterday has brought to mind the importance of critical literacy in an age where news is communicated as it happens via social media outlets such as Twitter. I was at home reading when I noticed that someone had re-tweeted a video, claiming that there had been an ‘incident’ […]

Digital Footprints – mine, yours, ours

This week I have begun participating in a MOOC being run by the University of Edinburgh about our digital footprint. As I am deeply entrenched in PhD research regarding personal learning networks (PLN), the concept of a digital footprint is of course extremely interesting to me, because learning through a PLN leaves indelible traces all […]

Understanding Affordances Part Two

The wonderful thing about sharing your learning openly on a blog is that people comment on your posts and contribute to your learning. Yesterday, shortly after I published the first post in this series, the post was commented on by Jenny Mackness, a scholar whose work I very much admire. She shared with me two […]

Naming and Taming your Network

Happy New Year! Time goes by so quickly, and it is difficult to believe that this new blog of mine is now a year old! I began this blog with the idea that I would use it to capture my reflections and learning while researching, as I commenced an Education Doctorate full time. A year on, […]

Twitter for Newbies: why get connected?

It’s 2016, and we live in a social media age. Even without realising it, social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter provide us with news and information on a daily basis. Traditional journalism uses it to get the inside scoop on what’s happening, and citizen journalists are capturing the news as it happens. What […]

Networks and Webs – inspired by a metaphor

I love reading the work of Jenny Mackness. She is an independent researcher, who blogs about many topics that aligned with areas that are of great interest to me. Her most recent post was called “New Metaphors for Learning“, and it got me thinking about how much we rely on metaphors for understanding, and how […]

A Meme is a powerful thing to waste…

Understanding the potential of the meme… See more on Know Your Meme An internet meme (pronounced meem) is a moving feast. What was cool last week is now so over, and it can seem like a full time job to keep your finger on the pulse. A meme is what everyone is talking about right now. […]

Algorithms and Filter Bubbles – time to think again

While I am studying, I have also been working as a sessional academic, and this semester I have been really fortunate to work with Kate Davis who is the co-ordinator and teacher of Social Technologies through QUT. I am playing a very minor role; popping in and out of the online community, and marking some […]

Twitter’s Tough Love

Last week, when #RIPTwitter was trending, I had a chat online with a few valued members of my PLN about what the proposed changes meant for us. I wrote about the discussion in my previous post, because it was a great example of a PLN in action. For those not aware, ‘leaked’ information led us […]