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Digital and Open Badges

Digital badges are like super-powered stickers, displaying an achievement of skill; but their super-powers make them much more than glorified reward stickers.

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Copyright & Creative Commons

Online publishers must be familiar with their rights as creators, and must also be aware of the need to respect others’ intellectual property also. Creative Commons opens up a new world of content to re-energise the possibilities of publication and production.

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Digital Content Curation

Digital content curation involves finding quality digital content, evaluating it for a particular purpose, adding extra information for context, and sharing it with your users. Learn how to do this effectively and efficiently, using a range of easy to access tools and techniques.

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Redesigning Learning Spaces for Contemporary Learning

How much have classrooms changed  since you went to school? For hundreds of years, not much changed….then along came the internet; and EVERYTHING changed. Find out how this has impacted on classroom design, and how to redesign your classroom for contemporary learning...

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Redesigning Learning Spaces Part Two

You've read up on the theory, and you have had discussions with your colleagues and school administration. You are fired up and ready to go. But what if you have a traditional classroom, and/or limited budget and the only thing you have lots of is a desire to redesign your space?

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Information and Critical Literacy - more vital than ever

We live in a world that is 'post-truth' and we need to teach students information and critical literacy skills now more than ever. This series of three articles argues why this is important, and presents strategies to implement change. 

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"Learning never exhausts the mind"

~ Leonardo da Vinci

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