How do you connect?

How do you connect?

Following up on my previous post explaining the theoretical underpinnings of personal (professional) learning networks, I have put together a two part vlogcast and created an infographic to capture some of the information I have gathered through my doctoral research exploring how teachers experience professional learning through personal learning networks.

My findings have revealed the intensely personal and personalised way that individuals create and maintain their connections. This is one of the reasons I believe that PLNs are an important way to learn – their flexibility and multi-faceted nature means that learning may be molded to fit quite specific needs.

Please be sure that all identities have been altered, and no personally identifiable information of the very generous participants of this research has been shared. I’d love to hear your feedback to these findings – do you find resonance with these vignettes, or do you have a completely different approach?

Below is an infographic which contains the information shared in the videos above. Click here to view online as a presentation. To download a printable PDF version, click here.



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