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Leading from the Library – Eduwebinar presentation

As many of you will be aware, I have been finding synergy between the leadership research included in the MBA that I am currently involved with and the role of the Teacher Librarian. This has sparked my most recent posts, Teacher Librarian as Leader: Lessons from the Literature, Teacher Librarian as Leader: Theories of Leadership in Action and Leadership in practice.

Building upon these posts, I was invited by the amazing Karen Bonnano, who owns and runs Eduwebinar to present on this topic. Below you will find my slides, which I have licenced under  Creative Commons Attribution (BY) and encourage you to share with your colleagues. I hope that the information I present during this webinar, as well as the posts mentioned above energise and inspire you to recognise the important leadership role you play, even if this is not (currently!) recognised at your workplace!

I would love to hear your stories of how you have taken a leadership role from the library! Feel free to leave a message in the comments :).

4 thoughts on “Leading from the Library – Eduwebinar presentation”

  1. Inspirational presentation on the leadership roles of TLs! Thanks for sharing the aspects of Strategic Leadership!!

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