Virtual Reality: Virtually Here?

flickr photo shared by Steve Koukoulas under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-ND ) license Is there any child of the 70’s or 80’s who didn’t spend hours as a child, gazing through their View-Master, clicking around the film cartridges which revealed 3d images of nature, super heroes and classic stories? The View-Master allowed us to […]

Questions and Questioning

Question Everything (Nullius in verba) Take nobody’s word for it flickr photo by dullhunk shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license Our existence is dominated by questions. From the youngest baby, who wonders whether their chubby little toes will fit into their mouths, to the leading Nobel Prize physicist who ponders the stuff of the […]

Advocacy! Print this poster and spread the word – we NEED school libraries and teacher librarians!

There are a lot of positive moves afoot to protect and promote our school libraries and teacher librarians. Check out the amazing support being provided by Leigh Hobbs, Australian Children’s Laureate, The role that a school library and a qualified teacher librarian may play in the literacy lives of children makes their full time presence […]

Personalised Learning through the PLN

I have been thinking a lot about the value of connections in a PLN and whether or not creating your PLN using a combination of openly networked platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, blogging, G+ etc) enables a more ‘personalised’ experience. @willrich45 @soozietwits Personalised learning can never be ‘delivered’; it must be created by the learner themselves […]

Digital Footprints – mine, yours, ours

This week I have begun participating in a MOOC being run by the University of Edinburgh about our digital footprint. As I am deeply entrenched in PhD research regarding personal learning networks (PLN), the concept of a digital footprint is of course extremely interesting to me, because learning through a PLN leaves indelible traces all […]