Connected Learning: Resources for educators

To support the webinar I recently presented with Eduwebinar, I have curated a small collection of resources for educators wishing to learn more about Connected Learning. This collection focuses on the Connected Learning Framework presented by Mimi Ito and colleagues, and includes a series of open access readings and reports, as well as three book suggestions for those who wish to delve more deeply.

If you would like to learn more about Connected Learning as I have interpreted it through my research, please feel free to visit previous posts I have written, including:

Theories of Connected Learning

Connected Learning for the Curious

Understanding Connected Learning

The online Book Club – A connected learning experience?

(Hover over title for hyperlink directly to each post).

There are many resources available for educators wishing to learn more about this pedagogical approach. Those chosen below have been selected to support an introduction to the concept with a focus on implementation and practice.

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