ISLD 2021

5 reasons why EVERY student in the 21st century needs a School Library and a Teacher Librarian.

Happy International School Library Day! School libraries and library staff do so much for their school communities, but to celebrate today, I have put these slides together with a focus on how Teacher Librarians (TLs) and school libraries support students growth as global citizens.  This is something that I believe every school would say they […]

Covid 19 has changed everything…

The speed at which the Covid 19 Pandemic has transformed our everyday lives is perhaps one of the most overwhelming outcomes of this global event. In a matter of months, economies have been devastated, health systems challenged beyond measure, our lifestyles have become unrecognisably different and technology has become a focal point. We rely upon […]

reboot your privacy PAW 2020

Privacy – Even more important in 2020

**Disclaimer** The majority of this text was written in 2016 in this blog post. I have added  updated information, but what I shared then was even more important today, and so I have reposted it here for Privacy Awareness Week – take time to Reboot Your Privacy!. When I was nine I had a diary […]

Supercharge your PLN – Part One

  One of the wonderful things about a personal learning network (PLN) is that it is personal. It is YOUR network, which YOU have designed, in order to meet YOUR needs. A PLN is something that is useful across the board. Regardless of your discipline, whether you are an expert or a beginner, having a […]

Fake news, filter bubbles and frustration

It might just be me, but my Facebook, Twitter  and other social network streams have been chock full of articles about ‘fake news‘ since Trump became President elect of the United States. I”m not sure if everyone is being bombarded by this in the same way, but I am. I know that the topic has […]

Emojis – fad, or fabulous?

I have been meaning to write a blog post on the role of Emojis in communication and literacy for a while, and what better day to write it than on World Emoji Day. Yes, Emojis, those little pictures that animate texts and Facebook posts have an official day to celebrate them, and today is that […]

Flexible Learning – Putting the Stretch Back into Education

Everytime you learn something new, I believe that you are stretching. Stretching your mind to take in a new concept and build connections (neural and otherwise) around it, stretching your body and building muscle memory that enables automaticity and strength. Without the stretch, you aren’t making the connections, and without the connections, learning hasn’t happened. Education […]