Choosing a Curation Tool

After my previous post regarding the place of curation in a busy person’s life, I have been asked by several people about which curation platform to choose.

Obviously there are plenty of tools out there, and each has its benefits and disadvantages. The choice is dependent upon personal preference (some tools you will like, others you just won’t warm to) as well as the purpose for your curation.

If you are curating highly visual material, a text heavy bookmarking tool will not create an arresting curated collection. However complex topics with many sub-topics may benefit from a text based tool with a tagging feature, which enables you to search within an already curated collection for finer grained sorting. If you have an audience of school students, particularly groups under 13 years of age, check whether an account is required to view the finished collection. There is no point spending hours creating a resource that users cannot access because they do not have an account.

Also look at publishing options. If you are hoping to include your curated collection in a blog, make sure that the final product will have an embed code so that you can present the collection beautifully. If simple sharing on social media or via email is all you are planning, then a weblink will suffice.

I have collected a range of different tool options on the following Pinterest board. Below the Pinterest board, you will see an infographic (click on the link below the infographic for a printable version) which reviews several tools and provides a summary of things to consider when deciding on a tool.

The most important thing is to choose a tool you like and are comfortable with – and happily, with so many options to choose from, there is bound to be a perfect tool out there for you!

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